Carl Kliem S.A.

Foreign Exchange

Carl Kliem S.A. has been providing a service in Spot Foreign Exchange since 1973. It has always had at its core the Spot Desk whose principal activity is in EUR/USD and other Euro Crosses.

Carl Kliem also has a dedicated Foreign Exchange Options desk, which provides reliable and competitive prices through strong client/broker relationships.

Today Carl Kliem’s Foreign Exchange department is one of the worlds leading voice brokers. The Company has maintained its strong position in the market despite being challenged by a variety of electronic trading platforms. Carl Kliem’s presence in niche markets is its strength as it provides depth, pace, feel and importantly, the human touch to its clients.

In order to remain competitive the company continuously adapts its business model to enhance the best of both voice and electronic trading.

Today Carl Kliems Foreign Exchange Department is providing its services in the following products:

  • Spot Foreign Exchange and Crosses
  • Foreign Exchange Options
  • FX-Forwards and FX-Arbitrage

Desk Management

Christian Kosch
Gernot Betke
Miguel Rodrigo
Spot-Cross +352 26-02-02-00

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