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Interest Rate Products

Carl Kliem’s activity in Interest Rate Products is divided into two areas working closely together.

Our Money Market team is made up of highly professional and motivated staff with many years of experience. The highly sophisticated internal software allows our staff to find the best arbitrage opportunities in a large number of markets, giving our customers a competitive edge that will allow them to improve profitability whilst at the same time taking their capital adequacy requirements fully into consideration. Other internal software manages the constant flow of prices in FX Forwards, Treasury Bills and Repos.

The team is covering the following areas of businesses:

  • Deposits
  • FX-Forwards and FX-Arbitrages
  • Repos
  • Overnight Index Swaps and Money Market Derivatives

Carl Kliem also offers its customers a professional service in OTC Interest Rate Derivatives. The company started their activity in this area in the late 1980’s and has been steadily expanding and developing the activity ever since. Today through their direct contact with financial institutions all over the world combined with the newest pricing tools and internally developed software, competitive prices can be quoted quickly and accurately, even with the most complex long-term price inquiries.

The team is covering the following areas of businesses:

  • Overnight Index Swap
  • Forward Rate Agreement
  • Short Term Interest Rate Swap
  • Medium and Long Term Interest Rate Swap
  • Cross Currency Swap
  • Basis Swap
  • Interest Rate Option

Desk Management

Roy Blom
Stefan Vogel
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IRS / OIS / Eonia +352 260-204-06


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